Super Bowl Score 10 x 10 Box Pool

Having the ability to see every Super Bowl score by quarter from 1-52, by Conference will provide you with the information to quickly determine the possibility you have of winning. Depending upon the 10 x 10 pool you are playing, where only 4 quarters are paid, you hope your pair fall into one of those 65 AFC vs. NFC combinations not highlighted in red.

Below are all Super Bowls 1-52 and the number pair broken down by Quarter and Conference. You can easily see how frequently number combinations have occurred in the past. There are 35 number pairs which have yet to win a quarter.  In Super Bowl 52, AFC 2 vs. NFC 2 hit for the first time. There is hope for what were historically low probability number combinations.

Safeties, blocked extra points, 2 point conversions and moving the extra point from 20 yards to 33 yards can all impact the value of your numbers.

Super Bowl 53

AFC = New England Patriots

NFC = Los Angeles Rams

1st Quarter – 17 winning number combinations and AFC 0 vs. NFC 0 had the most wins, followed closely by AFC 0 vs. NFC 3.

First time AFC 3 vs. NFC 9 hit, which is highlighted in green.

2nd Quarter – number combinations almost doubled with 33. AFC 7 vs. NFC 0 had the most wins, followed by AFC 7 vs. NFC 3. After that, random combinations of 1 and 2 hit providing other winners as the game progresses.

First time AFC 2 vs. NFC 2 hit, which is highlighted in green.

3rd Quarter – winning number combinations hit 36, which easily doubled the 1st quarter.  AFC 4 vs. NFC 0 had the most wins, followed by AFC 7 vs. NFC 0, AFC 7 vs. NFC 3 and AFC 7 vs. NFC 6.  Having the AFC with 7 in the 3rd quarter was the number with the highest probability of winning.

First time AFC 6 vs. NFC 9 hit, which is highlighted in green.

4th Quarter – winning number combinations hit 40. The 4th quarter has the most combinations as end of game strategy, other decisions as well as scoring plays in the previous 3 quarters, impact the possibilities.

AFC 4 vs. NFC 7 had the most wins, followed by AFC 4 vs. NFC 1 and after that, several pair hit twice. Having the NFC with 7 in the 4th quarter was the number with the highest probability of winning and 7 of 10 pair with AFC were winners.

Total – there are now 65 winning number pair for all Super Bowls 1-52 by Quarter and Conference. Leaving 35 combinations yet to win. Some have a small or no probability of occurring.  There are many factors which make it very difficult for certain number pairs to win and with the extra point being moved back 13 yards, less common numbers could hit. Also an increase in winning pairs as 3 different combinations occurred in Super Bowl 52, including AFC 2 vs. NFC 2.

Super Bowl Quarter Metrics

Number pairs which haven’t won a Super Bowl quarter include the following: 1-1, 5-5, and 9-9.

There are 35 number combinations which have yet to produce a winner.

  • 0-0 has won the most with 16 wins
  • AFC 7 & NFC 0 ranks 2nd with 12 wins
  • AFC 4 & NFC 0 ranks 3rd with 11 wins and
  • NFC 3 & AFC 0 ranks 4th with 10 wins

Based on the scoring possibilities, certain number pairs are more difficult to occur in the 1st quarter and have better odds later in the game. This could also be the year where a missed extra point will put statistically, low probability numbers in play.

Below you will find the score detail by quarter for Super Bowl 52. Using the last digit of the cumulative score as the game plays on, determines the winning pair for each quarter highlighted in yellow.