Super Bowls 1-47 Coin Toss History Detail – Updated 1/14/14


This chart displays the following details:

  • Game date,
  • Teams with Final Score,
  • Location (including stadium, city and state),
  • Coin toss winner,
  • Coin toss conference of winner,
  • Super Bowl winner and
  • Super Bowl loser
  • Heads or Tails

This history helps you track one of the most popular prop bets. Although winning the coin toss is no indicator of who will win, in most games this ties in with another popular prop bet of “which team scores first” as well as “the time taken for the first score“.

Every year, the Highland Mint (near Palm Bay, FL) mints a single, unique coin to be tossed at the opening of the Super Bowl. Out of fairness, of course, the team that gets to call the toss alternates between the National and American Football Conferences: one year, the AFC calls it; the next, the NFC.

The coin has landed on heads 24 times and tails 23 times in the previous 47 Super Bowls.

Another number to know if you are looking to hit your Super Bowl prop picks is that the team that has won the coin toss is 23-24 in the Super Bowl.  The NFC has won the coin toss 31 times, the AFC 16 times.

Ultimately, winning the Super Bowl depends on any number of things: strength, skill, stamina, speed, strategy, teamwork, completions, the wind, the weather, the coin toss, and who knows how many other factors, most unquantifiable. Since this year’s game will be played outdoors in NJ at the MetLife Stadium, weather could impact the outcome.

The odds the team that wins the coin toss will choose to receive the kickoff are 1 in 1.02 (98%).

Due to a rule change in 2009, only one coin-toss-winning team has ever chosen to kick, rather than to receive—the Arizona Cardinals—hence, the odds the team that wins the coin toss will choose to kick off are currently 1 in 43 (The Cardinals went on to lose that game).

The longest streaks of heads or tails: Heads came up 9 times in a row (Super Bowl VI-XIV, while tails has twice come up 4 times in a row.

The longest coin-toss-winning streaks (regardless of who calls it): The AFC has won the toss 4 years in a row (1972-1975). The NFC, on the other hand won 12 tosses (1998-2009); though, in fairness, NFC teams only went on to win 3 of those championships.


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