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Welcome to Year #6 – All Stats updated 1/27/2017 for Super Bowls 1-50

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This is the 6th year posting every score by quarter for Super Bowls 1-50 and the AFC vs NFC number combinations representing the popular 10 x 10 box pool.  Detailed analysis by quarter will help you determine the possibility of knowing if your number pair ever won a quarter. Some pools will payout number combinations which are statistically less likely to occur or pay every time the score changes regardless of quarter. So those pools provide some hope if you end up with lower probability number combinations.  A few changes were made based upon feedback to clarify the content.

Super Bowl LI should be an exciting game, featuring the “red hot” Atlanta Falcons vs. the New England Patriots.

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All Super Bowl quarter number combos

All content has been carefully checked to the best of my ability based on various public sources to ensure this site is as accurate as possible.  If you find any issues or question a stat, please contact me so I can review my sources for validation purposes.  Good luck…

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